Air and Wind


In this section all the flying animals, living in the wind.

Wobba-Jack Tattoo and Art Air and Wind Tattoo Meaning

The arrow is a  piercing, masculine principle; penetration, phallic, lightning, rain, fecundity, virility, power and war. A flight of arrows symbolizes ascent to the celestial, Arrows loosed from a bow represent the consequences of acions whichcannot be recalled or revoked. The arrow, as with the lance and sword, is a solar symbol depicting the sun’s rays, also the attribute of the warrior. An arrow piercing a serpent is the sun’s rays piercing the dark clouds of the humid principle. The broad arrow (the fleur-de-lis) denotes royal property.

  • The wind. The Spirit; the vital breath of the universe; the power of the spirit in sustaining life and holding it toggether, hence the sumbolic association of wind with cords, ropes, threads etc.The rope of the wind… The thread is the same as the wind.
  • The Wind is also the intangible; transient; insubstantial; elusive. Winds are messengerof the godsand can indicate the presence of divinity, especially the Whirlwind./li>
  • Wind and Fire together represent the mountains and volcanic gods.
  • China. In Feng-shui wind and water is the science of finding favourable aspects.
  • The Four Winds Associated with Aeon, are usually depicted as children, or children’s heads, emerging from clouds, or as a beardless man blowing or blowing horns.
  • Wind is something symbolized by wings or by fan.
  • Aeolus is god of winds and all instrument producing sound by wind.



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