Wobba-Jack Tattoo and Art Earth Tattoo Meaning
This section includes all the Animals linving on the ground and unable to fly or swimm except humans. It’s meaning vary if intended as Planet or matter. Below we describe the meaning of the Planet.


  • The Great Mother; the Mother; the universal genetrix; The Nurishmother; The Nurse.
  • The Earth Mother is the universal archetype of fecundity, inexausthible creativity and sustainance.
  • The Earth and Heaven are matter and spirit.
  • Amerindian. The Mother; the E. Lodge is an omphalos, a cosmic center. The circular floor depict the earth, the dome-shaped roof the heavens and the four posts are the stars and the four directions.
  • Celtic. The corruptible body, which salt as te immortal spirit. earth was placed on the breast of the dead.
  • Chinese. The feminine, yin, principle, symbolized by the square, the colour yellow and the tiger.



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