Wolf Tattoo Meaning

The Wolf symbolizes earth, evil, the devouring and fierceness. Wolves and ravens are often familiars of primitive Gods of the dead.Wobba Jack Tattoo Art Wolf Tattoo Meaning

  • Alchemic. The wolf, with the dog, is the dual nature of Mercuri us, the philosophical mercury, the nous.
  • Aztec. The howling wolf is the God of Dance.
  • Celtic. A wolf swallows the sun, the Sky Father, at night.
  • Chinese. Rapaciousness and cupidity.
  • Christian. Evil, the Devil, the spoiler of the flock, the stiff-necked people (the wolf was believed to be unable to turn its neck), cruelty, craftiness and heresy. Emblem of St Francis of Assisi, who tamed the wolf Gubbio.
  • Egyptian. Attribute of Kheriti Amenti and Upuaut.
  • Graeco-Roman. Sacred to Ares/Mars as fierceness; also sacred to Apollo and Silvanus. A wolf nourished Romulus and Remus and is frequently depicted in Roman art; it also denotes valor.
  • Hebrew. Bloodthirstiness, cruelty, the persecuting spirit (Gen. 49, 17).
  • Hindu. The Asvins rescue the quail of the day from the wolf of the night.
  • Scandinavian and Teutonic. A bringer of victory; ridden by Odin/Woden. Fenris, the cosmic wolf, was a bringer of evil.
  • Witchcraft. A mount Of witches and warlocks; the form assumed by the werewolf at the full moon.






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